Promotional piece for an appearance by
designer David Carson at Pacific
Northwest College of Art. It was printed
on transparent paper in the DNA News,
a student publication of the Graphic
Design department.
      A page number for the DNA News March 2002 issue.  
  "Molly the Milkmaid" watching the landlord's cows. A two-page spread, published by Muggli Graphics. Cover for DNA News, March 2002. The cover features a photo of a painter's pallette.  
  Drop caps designed for my BFA thesis.
I produced an illustrated, hand bound
book called "Molly the Milkmaid," using
a fairy tale written by a friend. Inspiration came from the Garamond typeface and William Morris designs.
  Cover for the DNA News April 2002 issue. Created in Photoshop using scanned objects.  
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